The Coalition’s members and partners have projects to make Montreal a carbon neutral, greener and healthier city.  See the list below to learn more about them.

To get involved or submit your own project to this list, contact us !


Montréal, vegan city

Montréal, ville végé is a project of the Association Végétarienne de Montréal (AVM) that seeks to convince the city to officially position itself in favour of vegetarianism, veganism and veganism. The AVM is currently looking for volunteers to support this project. If you are interested, you are invited to send ...
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Propre : No leaflet !

The Propre project aims to reduce pollution related to advertising bags. In Montreal, 900,000 bags are distributed each week, or 46,800,000 bags a year; with an average of 550g per bag (plastic and paper combined), this represents 25 740 tonnes of waste to be recycled annually. The purpose of this ...
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National Climate League

Join the Coalition's data team to measure what matters. Fifteen primary and fifteen secondary indicators will be collected to track our city's progress from year to year, in addition to letting us compare ourselves to other Canadian cities in friendly competition. Join the game! For more information, contact Matthew Chapman ...
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Litter letter

Through art, the Litter letter project aims to raise awareness in the community about our garbage's production and management. A 3D messaging system of letters constructed from chicken wire and rebar, filled with litter collected from the roads and highways. By displaying these large scale visual messages in public places ...
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Urba Nature has for mission :
  • To facilitate, promote, and support place-based outdoor learning for all, especially children and youth;
  • To create opportunities for Nature connection in urban settings and illustrate the value of the Natural world;
  • To improve the physical and mental well-being of people of all ages, ...
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Net Impact – Montreal

Net Impact Montreal wishes to contribute to pressing social and environmental causes by bringing a new player into the ecosystem of Montreal. We aim at positioning Net Impact Montreal in a way that would truly enhance positive action in the city. For more information or to get involved, contact Kunal ...
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