Coordination committee

JF-BoisvertJean-François Boisvert

Information technology specialist, author and environmental activist, Jean-François has worked for many years with the Réseau québécois pour la simplicité volontaire and, more recently, with Montreal Climate Action. Founder of “Coalition Objectif 22”, he believes in the importance of fighting for a healthier world, a fairer society and a more sustainable economy.


matthew-chapmanMatthew Chapman

An Ontario native, Matthew Chapman fell in love with Montréal’s bike lanes in 2008. His experience in the fields of fine arts (BFA, York University), education (BEd, University of Ottawa) and commerce (MBA, HEC Montreal) have shaped his understanding of the challenges and opportunities our society and civilisation face. He is a member of the Coalition’s board since its inception and works as the National Campaign Coordinator for The Climate Reality Project Canada since 2016. He looks forward to seeing Montréal adopt an ambitious, necessary and visionary target of carbon neutrality for its 400th anniversary.


joy-el-khouryJoseph El-Khoury

Co-founder of the social enterprise “Jardins sans frontières”, Joey have been participating in community and agriculture projects here in Montreal; and internationally, while undertaking a PhD in “Applied Human Sciences” at the Université de Montréal.

His research project looks at the emergence of “sustainability transition” movements in Québec, and their contributions to the discourse and actions for transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy. He lectures courses on “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Social Innovation” and “Strategies for Sustainability” at HEC Montreal and McGill, while also collaborating with a number of professors, students and practitioners on various sustainability transition studies and initiatives.


anthony-garoufalis-augerAnthony Garoufalis-Auger

Anthony Garoufalis-Auger is a political science and public affairs student at Concordia University. He was awarded Concordia’s Sustainability Champions Award and more recently the “Médaille du Lieutenant-gouverneur pour la jeunesse” for his work building a province-wide student coalition against pipeline development. His current mission is to complete his studies and contribute to the effort to keep our planet from warming more than 1.5°C, primarily through the implementation of science-based carbon budgets at every level of government.


shaen-johnstonShaen Johnston

60’s environmental activist in SVP (Société pour vaincre la pollution) and STOP (Society to Overcome Pollution), Shaen has a B.Sc in Ecology at McGill. High school Dip. Ed for Science Language Arts. Principally elementary teacher promoting curiosity, love of nature and environmental citizenship, she promoted hands on project based science with Science Fairs, integrated science (out of Alabama), River Watch: Pan-North American (children monitoring physical, chemical, biological water health indicators) and LSF (Learning for a Sustainable Future) with annual peer to peer forum and with the School front lawn science classroom program.

In Pointe-St-Charles, she learned collective community values (mobilization activities for health, economic, environmental and social justice) on Board of Directors Community Clinic, with Eco-quartier. Instrumental in 2012 Public Consultation for Urban Agriculture, Shaen wrote briefs against specific urban development nad brought three public consulations to Pointe-St-Charles for reducing fossil fuel consumption.


Morgane-LassauxMorgane Lassaux

“The intelligence that might save us from ourselves requires a shared awareness by and coordinated efforts from all of us – as shoppers, as businesspeople, as citizens” (Daniel Goleman, Ecological Intelligence, 2009)
Achieving a successful energy transition towards a low-carbon society requires our collective commitment, our collective intelligence. Above all, a genuine paradigmatic shift is needed: the emergence of a collaborative society based on principles of horizontal governance, collective responsibility, shared leadership, creativity, open innovation, transparency and value sharing. As a catalyst for the development of innovative ideas and projects dedicated to the emergence of a “carboneutral” society, the Montreal Climate Coalition is part of this unprecedented global movement to which Morgane intends to make a contribution.
Passionate and driven, she is eager to help advance and promote low-carbon, innovative, sound and far-reaching projects and policy solutions both locally and internationally. In this respect, she is genuinely honoured to put my European experience in international public policy analysis, research, project management and communication in the fields of energy, environment and climate, at the service of the Montreal Climate Coalition. In doing so, Morgane fully intends to commit myself to contribute to the aforementioned paradigmatic shift towards low carbon, circular … and collaborative societies!


amal-melkiAmal Melki

Amal has a masters in Environmental and Occupational Health, a bachelor in Urban Planning and a certificate in Geology. Her interests is innovations and transition to sustainable development, more ecologic and carbon neutrality. She did volonteer work in diffrent organisations such as : Equiterre, Canada Green Building Council chapter Quebec, Heritage Montreal, the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec. These experiences taught her that the key to success is love.


monica_potockiMonika Potocki

Monika, a recent Graduate from McGill University in Strategy and Sustainability and a born and raised Montrealer with Polish descent has worked in business development in both Canada and Germany. Her passion for sustainability, social entrepreneurship and drive to mobilize people has led her to venture into Event Planning. She has organized sustainability oriented conferences in the Montreal Startup and Sustainability ecosphere, such as Startup Weekend Montreal’s 1st edition on Sustainable City in Canada and the Desautels Business Conference on Sustainability 2015. In Germany, she worked for the Grameen Creative Lab, founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus, to organize the 7th Global Social Business Summit, where she coordinated the “Space for Entrepreneurs” amongst other projects.


Dimitrios-RoussopoulosDimitri Roussopoulos

Dimitrios Roussopoulos is a political activist, ecologist, writer, editor, publisher, community organizer, and public speaker. Educated in philosophy, politics and economics at several Montreal universities and in London, he co-founded the Milton Park Co-operative in 1987 – the largest of its kind in North America – and remains an ever-present figure in the democratic life of Montréal as Vice President of the Institut de politiques alternatives de Montréal (IPAM).