Climate cook application

Emission reduction now aims, through the Climate COOK application, to enable hundreds of thousands of people to improve the climate impact of their food.

Climate COOK aims to help people transition to a low-carbon diet. See a presentation of the application.

We are looking for people to test the alpha version of the application :

Also, we are currently raising funds through community bonds ($30,000 @ $500/bond).
Our goal is to use this money as leverage to raise additional funds to finance the development of our application. For more information on our bonds, see our prospectus.

Community Bonds allow individuals to invest (via a loan) in a non-profit organization with the expectation of getting their money back at the end of the term (as with any start-up, there are no guarantees and the investment is highly risky). Please note that the bonds are open for purchase until April 29, 2021.

Climate cook application