Coalition for green and quiet neighbourhoods

We are citizens working to educate the public about leaf blowers, and the benefits of leaving fall leaves in our gardens and parks.

We hope to get a bylaw by summer/fall 2021 banning the use of gas leaf blowers at all times in the borough of Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-dame-de-grace. Banning leaf blowers would give us quieter neighbourhoods, cleaner air, healthier citizens and a healthier urban ecosystem. Vancouver has banned them since 2001, and Beaconsfield and St-Lambert have done so more recently. It is time that our borough did so as well.

We are seeking a Treasurer to handle bookkeeping and fundraising efforts, and if fundraising is successful we would use some of the returns to pay this person a stipend. We also need volunteers for handing out flyers and educating the public.


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Coalition for green and quiet neighbourhoods