Metropolis XII World congress

metropolis-12eFrom June 19th to June 22nd, over 140 mayors and 1,400 delegates were reunited in Montreal for the 12th Metropolis World Congress. Let it be known that Denis Coderre was reelected as president during the general assembly.

The discussions’ conclusions were summarized in the Montreal Declaration, where the signatories pointed out, amongst other things:

“(we) reaffirm our role and determination in ensuring an effective implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Local Representatives Summit’s Declaration for climate regardless of the international political context as well as our determination to gather a large coalition with members of various backgrounds in order to ensure the success of this historical Agreement, essential to the future of humanity and our planet.”

We can only celebrate seeing the leaders of important cities reiterate their engagement in the fight against climate change. Fight that must be lead nationally and locally, and in which city administrations have henceforth a primordial role to play.

We now have to hope that this engagement will translate into concrete actions with a significant impact on our GHG emissions. Not enough people realize the amount of effort needed to limit global warming to a level that doesn’t endanger our own survival. The energetic transition we need to carry out is an enormous challenge that requires ambitious actions like a drastic reduction of automobile use and a brake to urban sprawl.

Beyond eloquence and optimism, our leaders must show courage today and initiate necessary actions to win climate’s battle.

Metropolis XII World congress