Taking action

Building on successes of our first two years and in light of elections next November, in 2017 the Coalition aims to:

  1. Have mayoral candidates sign a climate pledge on Earth Day to ensure achieving our climate targets is NOT a partisan issue in Montreal. All candidates should respect overwhelming public opinion. According to a CROP poll in November 2016, 84% of Quebeckers are in favour of more action on climate change, even if it negatively affects certain sectors of the economy.
  1. Hold a conference in collaboration with 5 Montréal universities on the viability and cobenefits of transitioning to carbon neutrality in the next 25 years
  1. Host a mayoral candidates’ debate on specific policy to reduce emissions and fossil fuel dependence and improve quality of life in Montreal.
  1. Hit the streets in the weeks leading up to the elections to help Montrealers differentiate between impactful and superficial municipal climate policy.

Through these activities, the Coalition will help elect an administration that positions Montréal as a leader in emissions reduction and charts a healthy, sustainable path for other metropolises to follow.