The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition

The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition is a Montreal-wide coalition that advocates for the Royal Victoria former hospital to remain devoted to the common good. We believe this site must remain in the public domain, be managed democratically and ecologically, and be used to serve the urgent needs of the population.

We oppose any attempt to privatize the site, as has happened to many other hospitals, and major institutional and ecclesiastical sites close to the mountain, like the Children’s Hospital (sold off a cost of $25 million, when its property assessment was $47 million), the Chest Hospital (purchased by condo developers), as well as Marianopolis College, the Couvent d’Outremont, the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, and the Shriners Hospital. Other publicly-owned sites in Montreal that have been sold off for private developers include the Radio-Canada site and the Peel-Bonaventure Basin site.

Help needed : Communications, Outreach, Strategy, Mobilization, Data

End date : 2030-01-01

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The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition