Waste Diversion Improvement Project (WeDIP)

Organizations: Net Impact Montreal

We aim to meet the challenges of waste diversion in Montreal to reach its net zero target by 2030

The program was inspired by the city’s massive undertaking to go zero waste by 2030 and aimes to incorporate strategies that along with the UN SDGs.The program aims to meet the city’s net zero target by 2030. Starting last year WeDIP has already engaged with 12 government departments, 10 organizations, and 10 volunteers/student interns. We need help from the city and other sponsors attempting to identify key challenges, gap assessment and international best practices to design an implementation framework.

Help needed : Data, Mobilization, Strategy

End date : 2030-01-01

Contact : kristi.h@netimpactmtl.org

More information : https://netimpactmtl.org/en/home/

Waste Diversion Improvement Project (WeDIP)