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The Coalition welcomes Montreal’s climate plan

After six years of citizen mobilization and connecting researchers with municipal decision-makers, the Montreal Climate Coalition is pleased to welcome the first climate plan since it initiated the vertMTL public consultation on reducing dependence on fossil fuels in 2015-2016. The Montreal’s climate plan 2020-2030 launched november the 10th is the city’s response to the climate…

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5th anniversary

The Coalition Climat Montréal will hold its 5th anniversary on Thursday, February 20 at the Lajeunesse centre (7378 Lajeunesse, Jean-Talon metro station) with a program highlighting the inspiring work of various organizations. We are expecting 150-200 people to celebrate the past and align ourselves with the future. Lectures and workshops will take place from noon…

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Lachine-Est summit

The eco-neighbourhood of today, the city of tomorrow Are you concerned about the future of your city? Just like climate change? France has been running its national “Ecoquartier” programme for a decade now, designed to bring together civil society, developers and municipalities so that new developments contribute to the energy transition while promoting social equity….

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Toward a Sustainable and Fair Lifestyle

Aida Flores, organic promoter and small-scale coffee farmer from the Nicaraguan women’s cooperative Las Diosas, appreciates every form of life –   including this small frog – pictured here during an intensive workshop “El Diplomado Organico” organized by Marcala Organica, Honduras.  Under an endless downpour of depressing news, with facts and images depicting economic, social, and…

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Carbon budget

If you’ve fired up the old desktop and consulted the Internets lately, you already know that our climate is in bad shape. The consensus among scientists is that global warming is real, caused by human activities, and potentially disastrous to our continued survival as a species. Many of us (me) would rather burrow our heads…

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Coalition 4th anniversary

On Saturday, February 23rd, the Montreal Climate Coalition celebrated its 4th anniversary. More than 75 people gathered to attend presentations on the activities of the Coalition and various Montreal groups involved in climate action. In opening, Pierre Lessard-Blais, Mayor of the Borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and Alexandre Boulerice, Member of Parliament for Rosemont-Petite Patrie, stressed the…

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