The Coalition’s members and partners have projects to make Montreal a carbon neutral, greener and healthier city.  See the list below to learn more about them.

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Zero waste home

This project aims to present alternative products to commonly used products that would have a lower carbon footprint. Through the platform, people will be able to go around the house to discover low-carbon footprint consumer products. Help needed : Research End of project : 2030-01-01 Contact: Éric Ferland More information ...
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Climate cook application

Emission reduction now aims, through the Climate COOK application, to enable hundreds of thousands of people to improve the climate impact of their food. Climate COOK aims to help people transition to a low-carbon diet. See a presentation of the application. We are looking for people to test the alpha ...
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Ban Formula One racing

Objective : Reduce the ecological footprint of sports practices. Motorsports are polluting and have no place in a world where efforts are being made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Help needed : Communications, Mobilization End of project : 2030-01-01 Contact : ...
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Sciences advocate Canada

The Science Advocates/Défenseurs des Sciences - Canada team is looking for help to create its website. The website would mainly serve to share the important information that is on the Facebeook page as well as relevant scientific articles they talk about on their Facebook page. Help needed : Communications / ...
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Waste Diversion Improvement Project (WeDIP)

Organizations: Net Impact Montreal We aim to meet the challenges of waste diversion in Montreal to reach its net zero target by 2030 The program was inspired by the city’s massive undertaking to go zero waste by 2030 and aimes to incorporate strategies that along with the UN SDGs.The program ...
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Carbon cycle and regenerative agriculture

Organisations impliquées : Sensorica, Plenty4All and the Open Climate Collabathon. A cross sectional analysis of Carbon Cycle Science and the research landscape of natural negative emissions technology and it’s potential in solving our Climatic Conundrum Employing Carbon Cycle Science to advance Regenerative Agriculture with the participation of Plenty4All, in Ndhiwa ...
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The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition

The Royal Vic for the Public Coalition is a Montreal-wide coalition that advocates for the Royal Victoria former hospital to remain devoted to the common good. We believe this site must remain in the public domain, be managed democratically and ecologically, and be used to serve the urgent needs of ...
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À nous le Plateau

À nous le Plateau! is an assembly, set in the open space form, where participants determine the agenda. Its goal is to develop participative and direct democracy within the Plateau Mont-Royal. Do you have opinions and ideas about the Plateau, how it is changing, and what this means for the ...
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Garbage night

Goal: reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and reduce consumption at the source. Garbage Night is an application to geolocate waste in real time. It allows Montrealers to store for and pick up their neighbourhood's garbage, thereby reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. This approach encourages ...
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Anti publisac : the last lap

In theory, the City of Montreal has accepted our ideas to curb the tons of garbage generated by weekly flyers, so now we only need to get the councillors to act The waste due to weekly bags of flyers is the equivalent of abandoning 62 buses in the streets of ...
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Ecosphere fair

Finding volunteers to help us organize environmental fairs With the help of four cities, we organize environmental fairs. Our partners are the Fonds FTQ, Recyc-Québec and the Quebec government. The main goal is to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint in order to reduce our GHGs. Help needed : ...
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Cyclist solidary

The Cyclistes solidaires initiative was born out of a spontaneous citizen mobilization to ensure food security for people considered vulnerable in Montreal's central neighbourhoods. Indeed, when the state of emergency was declared by the Mayor of Montreal on March 27, 2020, people mobilized to help other people living in their ...
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Democratize Montreal Collective

Working with various civil society groups to propose to the City how we want to be involved in the development and implementation of the ecological transition plan. Contact ...
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Coalition for green and quiet neighbourhoods

We are citizens working to educate the public about leaf blowers, and the benefits of leaving fall leaves in our gardens and parks. We hope to get a bylaw by summer/fall 2021 banning the use of gas leaf blowers at all times in the borough of Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-dame-de-grace. Banning leaf blowers ...
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Data rescue : Archives and weather

The "Data rescue : Archive and Weather" (DRAW) project at McGill University is currently looking for volunteers to help with its work. The goal of this project is to transcribe handwritten weather observation data into digital format. Between 1863 and 1963, these observations were recorded several times a day in ...
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Climate launchpad

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition, a program that is run simultaneously across the globe in over 50 countries. We are excited to bring the program to Canada for the first time in North America! This year, we are focusing on sustainable mobility solutions, however other ideas ...
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Imagine Lachine-East

Educating the public about the need for the sustainable development on the future site of Lachine East as a model Eco-district Working with local partners (including municipal leaders) to make the responsible and ecological development of Lachine East a priority for the City of Montreal. Obtaining a public consultation with ...
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Ilot – a Complementary Local Currency for Montreal

This project aims to create an exchangeable Complementary Local Currency (CLM) in the Greater Montreal area. To do this, we are looking to:
  • Recruit 270 individuals (currency users) to complete the current pilot phase
  • Recruit professionals and traders (who accept currency as payment) for the current pilot phase
  • Organize ...
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My 2nd wish

My 2nd wish - a donation for the climate aims to create recycled greeting cards. The project consists of creating recycled greeting cards to collect donations for the climate. The proceeds from the sale of these cards will go to the Coalition Climat Montréal. "My 2nd Wish" wishes to collect ...
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Government relations

The aim is to support elected officials in their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality on the occasion of the city's 400th anniversary in 2042. The actions carried out mainly consist of attending municipal council meetings, asking questions to elected officials and maintaining relations with elected officials in the city, as ...
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Montréal, vegan city

Montréal, ville végé is a project of the Association Végétarienne de Montréal (AVM) that seeks to convince the city to officially position itself in favour of vegetarianism, veganism and veganism. The AVM is currently looking for volunteers to support this project. If you are interested, you are invited to send ...
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National Climate League

Join the Coalition's data team to measure what matters. Fifteen primary and fifteen secondary indicators will be collected to track our city's progress from year to year, in addition to letting us compare ourselves to other Canadian cities in friendly competition. Join the game! For more information, contact Matthew Chapman ...
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Urba Nature has for mission :
  • To facilitate, promote, and support place-based outdoor learning for all, especially children and youth;
  • To create opportunities for Nature connection in urban settings and illustrate the value of the Natural world;
  • To improve the physical and mental well-being of people of all ages, ...
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Net Impact – Montreal

Net Impact Montreal wishes to contribute to pressing social and environmental causes by bringing a new player into the ecosystem of Montreal. We aim at positioning Net Impact Montreal in a way that would truly enhance positive action in the city. For more information or to get involved, contact Kunal ...
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